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Google Launches Ad Sitelinks

 On Tuesday November 3rd, Google announced a new feature that will be available in AdWords known as Ad Sitelinks.  It allows an advertiser to place an additional four destination URLs under a current text ad they are running.  This program is free to current advertisers whose ads meet high quality score requirements, although Google is not releasing the exact details of the criteria.  These additional links can be used to guide a consumer to specific pages on the site, for example a coupons page or store locations.


This program is a plus for advertisers and consumers alike.  It provides the advertiser an easy way to point a potential customer directly where they want them to be in as few clicks as possible, likely reducing abandon rates.  As a consumer if you are looking for rental cars (see example above), you can navigate directly to that page on the site.

It also serves as motivation for advertisers to increase their quality score in an effort to meet the requirements.  It will be interesting to see whether having four additional links to content will increase quality scores further.

This is another win for Google in efforts to stand out and remain the giant they are in search.  Developing small features like this will ensure that they stay on the top for a long time to come.

To find out more, click here:

Google’s Blog Post:

Google Help Center:

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