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  1. Superpages Helps Advertisers Gain Presence on Twitter

    Michael Kust

    This week, announced a new value-added service: It will now be providing coupons via Twitter. Superpages’ original Twitter account allows Twitter users to search for a product/service and geography, and the company responds with relevant local-business information. Superpages upped the ante by setting up 72 city-specific Twitter accounts that users can follow for business coupons in their areas.
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  2. Mobile Access of Facebook and Twitter Soars

    Carrie Tobiason

    Need more evidence that social networking is a true phenomenon? Look no further than a recent comScore study on social-media use via mobile browsers. The study found that social sites Facebook and Twitter have experienced triple-digit growth from users accessing the sites via their mobile phones since January 2009. Read the full article…

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  3. Twitter users causing their own robberies!

    Joey Woodbury

    Twitter users beware you are causing your own Twoubles; you may inadvertently become an accomplice to a robbery, at your own house! is now aggregating Twitter/FourSquare posts and letting viewers of their website know when the homes of Twitter users check in and are not at home.

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  4. Twitter Local Trends

    Local Topics Now Trending on Twitter

    Jacob Ciha

    Twitter announced this week that it has launched Local Trends to expose people to what’s happening on state and city levels. According to Twitter’s blog, Local Trends will allow users to learn more about the nuances in the world and discover more-relevant topics that are happening in their areas. For now, about 15 cities and a handful of countries are available. Twitter says that it will add more locations, languages and data over time.
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  5. Googling, DVRing, Facebooking and Tweeting: What’s Next?

    LeAnn Hoksch

    I may be young, but can anyone really recall when a Kleenex was a tissue, a Band-Aid was a bandage, and Saran Wrap was plastic wrap or cellophane?

    I’m sure you’re wondering where this thought originated. It all started when I visited my family over the holidays, and I told my sister to “Google” directions. My mother asked why I said “Google,” rather than simply tell my sister to look up directions. This continued into a slightly heated argument on the topic.

    This trend of turning a brand name into a general name for a product or action is known as genericide (this has been around long before Google and Twitter). Read the full article…

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  6. Google Integrates Twitter Into Search ResultsGoog'e Real-Time Search Results for Tiger Woods

    Google Launches Real-Time Search

    Jacob Ciha

    The other day when doing some research for a client, I came across Google’s real-time search functionality within search results. The search engine has taken advantage of continuously updated sites, like Twitter, by integrating their results into its own. Yesterday, I tried finding a news feature using the same keywords as the day before. I couldn’t find it.  So I thought to myself, “Who’s been in the news recently?” Ah, yes, Tiger Woods.
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  7. Google Recommends Googling Yourself — Reputation Management

    Jamie LeRoy

    I’m sure you’ve tried it. We’ve all done it at some point in our lives. Yes, I’ll admit that I’ve Googled myself. And I’m willing to bet you have, too. But you know what? That’s okay. Go ahead and Google yourself. Just don’t blame Google when you find something you don’t like.

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